What Any Good Copywriter Should Be Asking Their Clients

There are questions every copywriter should be asking in order to better understand everything about the company or product or service they are asked to make copy on.

If you are a business person looking to hire a copywriter, mostori you should be prepared to answer these questions to assist the copywriter in performing the service requested in the most favorable manner. If a copywriter does not ask the following questions or a reasonable facsimile, then prepare to find one who will.

Without the requested information they would be unable to correctly write copy specifically tailored to your request.

Does any of this make sense?

If you drove into a garage and said, “I’ve got a problem with my car, fix it.” And then walked out without giving any further information, the poor mechanic would not know where to begin to check. It would be a nightmare and when he did find a problem, who is to say it was the one the customer was worried about in the first place.

It’s important to determine what the problem is, how it should be solved, akunprothailand what must be accomplished and what resources will be available to assist in the campaign. As you go through the list you will see how important setting up the copywriting project will be to properly fulfill its goals and expectations.

This list may seem fairly extensive, and it’s true this entire list would not be used in its entirety if someone were to say, “I can afford $100 for you to do me a quick ad for this product. Can you do it?”

A Copywriter Must First Ask The Questions, and The Client Must Then Be Prepared To Provide The Following Information For A Successful Outcome

• What specifically do you want the copywriting to accomplish? What has been done in the past? Produce all work done so far along with the success ratio.

• Describe your company and its product/service (c/p/s), and its purpose.

• What benefits will the customer realize using your c/p/s?

• In simplistic terms explain how the p/s works, and consumer expectations.

• In 30 seconds sell me on your c/p/s.

• How did your company come to deal in this p/s: Created, bought, inherited?

• Is there something about your c/p/s which is not commonly known: Good, bad or indifferent?

• What sets your company/product/service apart from the competition: Is it product exclusivity; special features; better than reasonable costs; delivery times? What?

• If your product is similar to the competition’s, why should a customer buy from you?

• Are there areas your c/p/s is superior to the competition: QC, advanced manufacturing, special recipes, new technology, ease of use, last longer, better service, more powerful guarantee/warranty, For more info please visit these sites:- http://onlineammunitionstore.com/
https://www.wintop.io/ faster delivery times?

• Does your c/p/s solve certain problems: Quicker, less costs, easier to handle, ergonomically superior?

• Can your p/s be used in industries or for consumers only?

• Explain what your p/s is expected to do for the customer? How does it rate?

• Is there a best-before-date: What is the shelf life? How long is it expected to last?

• Is there one price, or are there different levels of costs?

• How is the p/s sold: Distributorship, online, store, home demo, wholesaler?

• Is special training, directions, information required before the p/s can be used?

• Is your c/p/s inferior to the competition in any manner?

• Does your p/s come in different sizes, models, colors, delivery arrangements?

• Is your p/s bought over the counter or is it delivered?

• Is your p/s sold on its own, or in conjunction with other needed aides.

• Is there a customer contract, warranty card, or other form to fill out?

• Is there documented quality control: by whom, certified tech, how complete, licensing, certification, are records maintained, why is it necessary?

• Does design, color, weight, size, physicality, play a part in your p/s promotion?

• Explain the warranty/guarantee, and how they are honored.

• Is there something customers do not know about your c/p/s?

• What do customers have a hard time understanding about your c/p/s?

• Does your product need assembly? Are instructions clearly defined?

• List frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the c/p/s and how they are answered.

• Explain how inquiries are handled: Personally, phone, answering machine, email?

• How do customers seek support for problems? Is there a special support staff?

• Explain from beginning to end each and every step from when a customer learns about your c/p/s, to buying, to taking possession of it.

• Will copy be for the company website, customers websites (dealers, distributors etc.,) adsense, billboards, all of the above or other…what is the plan?

• What budget constraints will be placed on this project? This must be asked. No use putting together a $10,000 campaign for a $3,000 budget ceiling.

• What company person will oversee this project, and will there be only one decision maker or more? Will this be by committee?

• Provide pertinent company information including history, mission statement, company personnel from top to bottom, court cases/law suits if any.

• Provide list of awards, accomplishments, licences, certificates, accreditations, affiliations, testimonials.

• List any complaints from the past 12 months.

Armed with this information, any good copywriter should be prepared to embark on a campaign with all the ammunition needed to address the client’s concerns in working towards a solution.


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