Remodeling Small Kitchens

The first is the so-called kitchen triangle, which is a spatial triangle consisting of the kitchen sink, refrigerator, and the cooking area (stove/oven). Ideally, these being the points of the triangle, animeloved the distance between any of them should be no more than a step or two since you will spend the most time in the kitchen moving between them.

The second is the smart use of the little space available in a small kitchen. Here are some tips and ideas for optimal kitchen layout in a small space.


  1. Choose a sink without draining boards, bterapiaberles but preferably with 2 basins (one wash, one rinse). Provided there is enough space on the rinse side, a draining rack on a draining tray can be used to dry the dishes, and packed away once done, freeing up the counter space.
  2. Countersink the sink. Placing the sink effectively just beneath the counter within the sink hole allows you to use the cutout to cover over the sink when not in use. When not washing dishes your sink is hidden, and extra counter space is available.
  3. Kitchen islands probably won’t be possible in the allowed space, coloradowebimpressions but consider a butcher’s block on castors as a mobile island which will have a number of uses.
  4. Cupboard space in corners (where cupboards on adjacent walls join) can be put to full use by either using a special cupboard door with pullout shelving, or a cupboard door on the back of one of the cupboards if it is free-standing (not against a wall).
  5. If your kitchen space has one or more windows, especially non-opening windows, cupboards can be mounted across these with glass backs and glass doors to maximize the light shining through. These are best used as display cupboards or for wine glasses and tumblers. uniquenewsonline
  6. Lighten up. Nothing makes a small space look and feel larger than lots of light and the use of light colors. Melamine cupboard doors are a good option, optimalremodel and consider adding lighting beneath wall-hung cupboard units for improved counter lighting. Fluorescent lighting is optimal for kitchens, providing clean, white light at high efficiency.


Smart choices of finishes in a kitchen and the right combination of space-saving ideas and devices can transform a small kitchen to an enjoyable experience day after day. aslremodeling

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