Gods Instruction Manual for Life

I remember the day that I bought my first motorcycle. I didn’t start off with a small bike and then work my way up. Nup, not me, I had to go straight to the top. My Suzuki 750 GSX was a dream come true. I thought I was so cool because it was metallic blue. Ownership of such an item ensured that my ego was huge, completely opposite in size to my experience as a Motor cycle rider, as my experience amounted to very little. And, my lack of experience showed. For example, I remember being excited just because my bike had 5 gears. I loved having all those gears to change. I’d be in 5th gear by the time I reached 50km/h. I changed gears as if I was driving a semi truck – I had no idea, and neither did my mates, so they thought I was cool too, or at least I thought they did! Until one day, when a friend of a friend of mine, Jason, who did have a clue about motor cycles, asked me if I enjoyed the “power band” that my bike had. I had no idea what he was talking about. I didn’t even know what “power band” was, so he had my interest and I asked him to explain. Of course, he said, the best way to show me was for him to take me for a ride so that I could see how it worked with my own eyes. Naturally, I agreed. Little did I know, I was about to have the living daylights scared out of me. mykindredlife

So, off we set. Jason, me and my bike. Within seconds we were up to 60kmh and still in 1st gear! I couldn’t understand why Jason wouldn’t change gears. Then Jason yells out above the sound of the revving motor, “Can you see how the rev counter is in the red zone?”, “Yes,” I replied, hoping he would hurry up and change gears. “That’s what’s called the power band zone. Hold on” he yelled. Jason gave it some juice and my bikes hidden potential sprung into life. I nearly flipped off the back of the bike as the power band kicked in.

I regained my balance and boy did I hold on as Jason continued unleashing the throttle. He chopped it into 2nd and in a split second we were travelling at 120kmh. Third gear had us suddenly travelling at 160kmh, and fourth gear put us up over 200kmh. It was about then that I thought I was surely going to die. But the increase continued. Fifth gear had us cruising on 220kmh. I couldn’t wait for the whole learning experience to finish. Our slow down was just as scary and sudden. diagnozujmy

The whole thing would have been hilarious to watch because Jason was about the size of a horse jockey and I’m over 6ft tall. Jason pulled the bike up so fast that I literally rolled over the top of him, almost flattening him. Still, he survived and more importantly, I survived! That was the day I became enlightened. I am now a true witness of “power band”.

How many of us go through life on earth without really fully experiencing our potential? Each and every one of us has a built in “power band” that is just waiting to be unleashed. God see’s the power band in you and He wants to see it unleashed into your life!

So how do we unleash our potential? How do we discover this “power band” that’s within us?

If my Motor Cycle had come with a user manual, I would probably have discovered my bikes potential a lot sooner (and a lot less traumatically). But how many of us actually take the time to follow an instruction manual. Have you ever bought something and then assembled it without following the instruction manual? You thought you knew how to do it yourself, but at the end of your assembly you find you still have a few pieces left over? I know the feeling. You think to yourself the manufacturer must have made a mistake, or they’ve given additional spare parts….It’s not until later on when you realise your newly assembled purchase isn’t working properly that you decide to read the instruction manual and then you discover you needed the extra parts after all. You then follow the instructions, re-assembling your new equipment and then, all of a sudden, it works properly. If you look around, there seems to be a user or instruction manual for everything; Electrical appliances, machinery, toys, cars, the list goes on. If only there was a “User Manual” available for my life. Then, I would be able to use it to discover… my life’s potential. Well, you know what, there is a ‘user manual’ for your life, and it’s called the Bible. God’s word, (the Bible) is our Instruction Manual for life. It’s the manual to help us discover our “power band”, our potential. I have observed that there is a process that we tend to go through as we discover our “power band”.

1. Blindness. I had no idea that my Motor cycle had “power band”. I was blind. Many of us go through life not realizing how much potential we have within us. We are blind to the “power band” that God has put within each and every one of us. There are many people living in this spiritual blindness unaware of their God – given potential.

2. Revelation. I had no idea that my Motor cycle had “power band” I was blind until Jason came along and my eyes were opened. My Motor cycle’s potential was revealed to me. When I read my Bible, God reveals himself to me. He reveals who He is, and who we are in Christ. He reveals his plan for my life. John 9:25…”I was blind but now I see!”

3. Step of Faith. I had no idea that my Motor cycle had “power band” I was blind until Jason came along and my eyes were opened. I then took a step of faith and got on the back of the bike. Jason could’ve tried explaining to me what “power band” was, but if I didn’t take that step of faith by getting on the back of the motorcycle I probably would’ve continued riding my bike the same old way. When you take a step of faith and obey the instructions throughout the Bible… our instruction manual for life, you will discover your “power band”, your potential. Taking steps of faith helps us to break out of “the same old way”.

4. Witness.
When I discovered my Motorcycle’s power band, I couldn’t wait to tell all my friends about it (I left out the falling off the back of the bike part though).

The Bible is like our instruction manual. If we apply its teaching to our lives through obedience and faith, we will live in “power band” mode. This is the kind of life that we can’t wait to share with everyone. You will unashamedly declare all that God has done for you.


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