Building Your List – How To Blow Up Your Business Day 5

Building your list is the single most important action you can take to build and establish your business. It will establish the foundation of your growth and income for years to come. Without a properly constructed list it will be hard to grow, will promote a fluctuating income source and will lead to frustration and even quitting your business. Start learning the skills of leveraging the Internet to generate 30 to 50 leads and sponsor 2 to 4 new people everyday. thebusinessdays

If you’re not committed to learning these new skills then stop right here. You are wasting your time and ours. Reminds me of freshman year in college, everyone was going to conquer the world. When the spring semester started 25% dropped out, and by the beginning of sophomore year that number was down to 50%. That won’t cut it here, this opportunity is too big for toe dipping. bareng88

Building Your List-Where Do I Start

The first step in building your list is to blog. Great source of free traffic that can generate 30-50 leads or more all by itself. I am providing this free training on my blog which has been a powerful lead source for us. There are several things to consider in setting up a blog that will generate leads for building your list;

#1 Find training to save time. The best training I can recommend is Empower Network. What they provide for $25 per month is comparable to $500 per month anywhere else and the training is off the charts. We converted our blogging platform to Empower Network because of this value and their Alexa Rating which gives you a huge advantage. storygame

#2 Blog Daily- This takes commitment but to generate 30-40 free leads daily is so worth it. This takes less time than you think.

#3 Apply in article SEO that is taught in training.

#4 Apply SEO and back links. You will need to go through Empowers 15k Formula to learn how to do this. # 3 and 4 are in this training and allows the search to find you.

#5 Post blog articles in various sites on the Internet like EzineArticles for example. The 15k will spell this out in detail.

#6 You will drive these leads to an auto responder like Aweber which will follow up with emails explaining the benefits of your company and instructions on how to sign up.

#7 You will receive an email that your prospect has signed up for your opportunity, at that point you will call them to determine their commitment level.

#8 You will direct your new recruits to weekly online training and webinars.

Building Your List-Learning A System That Actually Works

There is approximately 50 hours worth of training on building your list minimum. Once you have learned this skill you are then obligated to share and teach it to others who are committed to their dreams. That is my price for providing free training. sportsyearly

What you will begin to experience is astounding. Aweber will send you an email every time someone opts in to your list. You will wake up to an in box full of names from all over the United States and the world. From this point on the system is fully automated with followups until you get another email that says your prospect has signed up for your offer or business.

Now I need to admit that I was very skeptical that this would work at first. Building your list, which has been such a burden for people in networking was actually fun? I hated prospecting but I did it because I wanted more from my life than a job could bring me. Now I am so excited because for the first time in 34 years in networking I can actually teach a system that can work for anybody, even the most reserved person alive.

Look at your networking group with honesty. How many of them who are committed to making it work are struggling because they have a small or no list, have trouble talking to people or are so timid that they give up in frustration. Imagine being able to teach them a system of building your list that will generate 30 to 50 leads every single day. Does it work I hear you asking? It is working so well that I am officially blown away and have completely converted our 34 year old networking business to the Internet.

Building Your List-Sponsor 2 to 4 people Everyday

As I look back over our career in networking, the biggest challenge I have faced was being able to teach and help people sponsor enough people to make a living. I now have a tool to teach that can, and is sponsoring 2-4 people per day on autopilot. Yes the paridigm in this industry has changed as it did 45 years ago. What could you do with your current company if you could teach your new recruits how to sponsor 2-4 people every single day.

As I looked at this new skill set I had 2 choices, to learn it and apply it or to keep doing what we have done for so long. I then remembered the advice of my mentor, Dexter Yager, so many years ago “never run from change, when the winds of change are blowing take notice and run with them, they will be filled with opportunity”. Then he went on to say, “some day in the future the system we put together will be outdated, and will be replaced by something that will be far greater than what I have brought to the network marketing business, have the courage to run with it”!

I took Dexter’s advice 34 years ago and it has provided my family with a life I can’t explain in mere words. I do have the courage Dexter to learn building your list on the Internet and he is so right, it is filled with enormous opportunity.

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