Talk Fusion – Is It Way Out There?

Perhaps I have a vivid imagination being an amateur astronomer as I do tend to gaze at the stars in our vast universe from time to time through my trusty telescope. Talk Fusion is indeed about communication, but this is of an earthly kind. Talk Fusion says it’s is a vision, if you will, in terms of video e-mail products sought to bring the world together through a different way of communicating. fusionblog

Founder Bob Reina, former Police Officer and part time Marketer launched Talk Fusion in 2007. His goal was to produce a short and I mean short 10 second video to his friends. Although his idea originated three years before he teamed up with an expert in the field, no one said it could be done. With the guidance of a genius friend from IT Reina’s vision of video e-mail products did come into existence.

Nowadays, Talk Fusion has gained and continues to grow, according to the company with global momentum. They have services in over 130 countries and are in the top 10 of the list of online video content providers. They have out ranked global giants in the industry such as Yahoo, Viacom, AOL, Mega Video and CBS.

The company boasts that their line of products has revolutionized the field of communication on a higher scale through it’s video e-mails, conferencing through videos, video newsletters, live broadcasts, video share, video blog, video auto responders, Fusion On The Go Mobile App, E- Subscription Form, and Fusion Wall. The company says this has definitely had a major impact in regards to social media as enormous amounts of video is uploaded to social media sites in general. The company predicts that this year 2013, “Over 60% of all online content will be video.” They say Talk Fusion will be able to handle the demand.

As with many other companies, Talk Fusion does have a company opportunity as well. They base their commission structure on people getting paid instantly verses other companies who pay out in commission on a weekly or monthly basis. The companies motto is… “Why Talk Fusion?” The company offers a form of distribution via Relationship Marketing. Talk Fusion offers an opportunity for one to share in the business side of things and allows for one to get paid for those efforts immediately. Other incentives and perks include luxury vacations and a chance to own a Mercedes. Talk Fusion says their start up costs are low in terms of joining the company and suggests you can be on your way to success in a short time. After all, the sky is the limit, right? omegawriter

Well, as most companies will advertise, their products, services and businesses are all designed to be very attractive and very lucrative, I’m here to burst the big bubble, there is a disadvantage point in which no company cares to mention. Sure, with a bit of luck you may be able to reap all of the rewards of the few but, reality is, these rewards do not come into the hands of the many. In this industry it’s hard work to the grind and nothing short of a strategic skill set will land you on the moon! For more info please visit these sites :-

The advantage point here is having the knowledge to grow a home based business otherwise, you will be left out in the cold and the dark. As the old saying goes “Knowledge is Power” and if you lack that you may as well join the 95% of Network Marketer’s who fail in this industry pretty much from the start. Also, remember the other old saying, “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility.”


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