Solar Heat Panels: An Option for Heating Your Home

During ancient times the sun was worshiped as a god who provides heat and light. Ancient civilization honored the sun even if they did not understand how much the sun influences the heating and control of the earth’s water cycle. All they knew was that the sun is necessary to life and they were not wrong! Modern man have found ways to harness solar power and making full use of it by converting this energy to some practical energy that can be used. haltonmachining

As we all know, not all parts of the earth enjoy the sun all year long. Some countries have the winter season and it is during such times that heat is needed to balance the cold. It is common to see fireplaces inside homes that use coal or wood for fire which can heat up the place. Technology has come up with another means to put solar energy into practical use and this is through solar heat panels.

Solar heat panels are ecologically-friendly solutions for heating up a home or building. The mechanism is pretty much the same as the solar panels that capture the sun’s rays and convert this to electricity. Solar energy is captured by the panels and this is stored in another mechanism and when turned on the heat generated is at a comfortable level. wrdesignprint

Every day the sun emits heat energy and this energy is made useful when the solar heat panels captures the energy and then stores it and used when needed The solar heat panels have two features: heat generation and storage.

The collecting panels are flat, thin box-like planes that are transparent. These panels should be placed in a high area like rooftops or buildings. A good location would be where the sun’s rays will hit the panels. The sun’s heat is absorbed by a black metal plate that is inside the box. When the plate is activated it will heat the liquid tubing matrix in a collector assembly. The usual liquid to use is water or any anti-freeze chemical. The solar heat panels can heat up the liquids up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit which is pretty close to the boiling point of water. For more info please visit these sites :-

The heat stored by the liquid can be used as heating source for a room or if there are enough solar heat panels even the whole house. This is an inexpensive way to heat up the place and it is safe as well. Using fossil fuel products have been proven to cause pollution which in turn harms people and the environment. If a “green” solution to the heating problem is what is needed then the solar heat panels maybe the answer.


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