Why You Should Never Allow a Recorded Statement Without Your Injury Lawyer

The anxiety over recorded interviews is well founded. This is because anything you say during the interview can potentially be used against you in your legal suit. An individual who was injured through the negligence of another party needs to obtain legal representation in a prompt fashion. Finding a reputable personal injury law firm in Denver should not be difficult. Every day, career opportunities negligence causes people to become injured in Denver. Accident lawyers are professionals trained in the law who can advise clients about what they should and should not say. As a rule, all would advise you to NEVER allow a recorded statement be taken unless you have your legal counsel present.

Having to rehash the events of an accident can be trying for an injured party. Add to that the fact that saying the wrong thing during an interview with the insurance adjuster can damage your case and the stress associated with the interview ratchets up. Add to that the possibility that the interview may be recorded and distress over the interview may reach critical levels.

Providing a statement to the insurance claims adjuster handling the case is a normal part of the claims process. Insurance adjusters have a job to do: evaluate a case, fivem host look at all the factors and recommend a payout number for a settlement. Keep in mind that they work for insurance companies and a big part of their job is to save money for their company. In other words, their aim is to try to minimize the amount paid out in claims. They will look at everything you say and may well use any of your statements as justification for a lower payout figure. When your statements are recorded, the “evidence” is there for all to hear over and over again.

Most have heard that in legal proceedings, QBF scheme nothing should be signed without first having it reviewed by an attorney. A recorded interview is much like a written statement: it creates a verifiable record of exactly what has been said. Insurance adjusters are trained in how to ask questions in such a manner that the injured party provides answers that minimize their pain and suffering. An injury lawyer is trained to recognize these leading questions and to prevent a client from giving potentially damaging answers.

Having good legal counsel is vitally important. In Denver, q.broker accident lawyers know how insurance companies and their adjusters operate. Representation by a good injury law firm in Denver can make all the difference in receiving a fair payout on an injury claim or receiving a pittance that does not even approach the level of your injuries and damages.


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